Retail Security


PSS offer two branches of retail security- uniformed officers and store detectives. Our officers meet the highest standardspossible when it comes to retail security. We pride ourselves in being approachable and having extremely good customer service whilst on any shop floor.


When protecting a retail environment, we are aware that you need to have a visual presence that is a deterrent for would be criminals but at the same time giving reassurance to those law-abiding customers who are going about their daily activities.



Store Detectives


It is a fact of life that store detectives are a necessity. We work in plain clothes, alongsideuniformed officers. We are experienced in crime detection whilst our uniformed officers offer a deterrent in a different way. We are also fully trained in the aspects related to making an arrest. The team at PSS have the experience to be able to deal with criminals effectively and offer a smooth transition from our security services to the police or law enforcement officers.


Uniformed Officers


Like with all security aspects, prevention is better than the cure. So,at PSS, we ensure that our uniformed officers are highly visible within any retail environment. We are able to offer a full security package, from providing a visual deterrent to apprehending and arresting any suspects.


Like our store detectives, our uniformed officers are also fully trained in the legal procedures related to making an arrest, giving you the reassurance that you are fully protected.


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As you can see from the above your retail security needs can be fully catered for by PSS. Contact us today for more information to see how we can assist you with any security related needs.