Mobile Patrol


In some situations, the type of security required varies. Some clients require manned services whilst some require a visual security deterrent. However, in some cases there is also a need for a mobile patrol.


If your site is particularly large or it is in a remote location, having a mobile patrol is a great way of deterring any potential criminal activity. The benefits of PSS’s mobile patrol services are:


  • We are able to have a team on the ground within 48 hours to attend to any security concerns that you may be having.
  • Our vehicles are branded and have our security logos visible.
  • We supply and have warning boards, which are another great deterrent for would be criminals.
  • Our officers are dressed in high visibility security clothing.
  • Our officers and vehicles are fully equipped with radio communication.
  • For your peace of mind, we are able to document and report any incidents that we may find and also supply you with the patrols that we have conducted.
  • In our vehicles we use the latest technology that is availableand therefore we are able to generate a live report to you which can be instantly delivered to youif there are any serioussecurity concerns that you need to be aware of.
  • All of our officers are trained to react speedily in the event of a fire, flood or catastrophic damage which may take affect your premises.


For More Information


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