Key Holding and Alarm Response


Regulations for key holders have been laid down by the ACPO and now you must be able to respond if an alarm has been triggered and this must be done within twenty minutes.


PSS are able to offer a key holding and alarm response service. It is stress free and extremely cost effective. If you as an individual are a key holder, ask yourself would you be able to attend in all of the following situations:


  • If you have had an alcoholic drink or you are away on holiday?
  • Would you be able to answer a call at night?
  • Can you turn up on your own, in any weather, to an empty building?



If you can hear yourself answering ‘no’ to any of these questions then it may be that you need to consider one of our key holding and alarm response packages.


How it Works


  1. If your place of business has an alarm trigger, PSS security will attend on your behalf, with your keys and will follow your instructions of how you would like the initial inspection of the property to take place.
  2. Once we have arrived, we will liaise with law enforcement officers to ensure that the property is safe and secure and we will conduct our pre-agreed assessment of the building/location.
  3. Once we are satisfied that all is ok, we will silence the alarm and take note of any activated areas on the keypad. We will then secure the property and supply you with a report.


Sounds of Interest?


If you can relate to what we have mentioned and feel that this is a service that would benefit you, then please don’t hesitate to contact us to see what package suits you best.