Hotel Security


Hotel securityis something that many of us take for granted. Here at PSS, we are fully aware of how easy it is to target a hotel, so with our expertise we are able to minimise security risks that can be present within a hotel.


Hotels are at risk from thefts, as there are a large number of rooms occupied by guests who may have high value items or travel equipment. By nature, hotels have people coming in and out of them at all times of day and night, so keeping a handle on hotel movements can be challenging.


The training that we give to our staff will help them to blend in to your hotel environment as they are presented smartly dressed, they have excellent communication skills as well as having an ability to offer a reassuring but aesthetically pleasing persona.


When you have a security situation in a hotel it is imperative that the security staff remain calm and organised at all times. Hotel residents will look to security staff to assist them infeeling safe and secure whilst under their care. PSS pride themselves in delivering this to your customers and we are able to guarantee that you will receive a highly professional outfit from us.


For all of your hotel security needs. look no further than PSS. We are able to have a security force as an integral part of your hotel’s team. This will give you that reassurance that you have a secure link to the police in handing over would be criminals and also giving guests that extra piece of mind whilst they are staying on your premises.