High Quality Cleaning Service


Cleaning services for your home or businessaresomething that PSS can offer.


Commercial Cleaning


When it comes to your business, having your building cleaned to a high standard is an aspect that is expected. Here at PSS, we have a trained team to be able to undertake your cleaning needs so that you know that isdone correctly and to a professional standard.


Out teamare also able to offer you advice on how to minimise cleaning in your workplace so that it remains cleaner for longer.


Residential Cleaning


There are many aspects of residential cleaning to take into account. Regular cleaning of your home helps to reduce bacteria and therefore making it healthier to live in. At PSS, we are able to go even further and here are few of the cleaning services that we can provide you:


The Spring Clean: after winter, all nooks and crannies are cleaned and tidied in readiness for summer. Carpet, upholstery and soft furnishings are also cleaned.


Ovens:An item that is used often within a household but not cleaned as regularly as it should be. PSS can provide you with a professional cleaner to ensure that your oven looks tip top once again.


End of tendency: at the end of a tenancy a tenant is expected to leave the rental property in the same condition that it was when they first moved in. Therefore, a deep clean of the carpets and windows is usually required. PSS are able to commercially clean your residence to the highest possible standard.


These are just a few of the cleaning services that we offer at PSS. Contact us for more information to see how we can help you with your cleaning needs.