CCTV Monitoring


CCTV is increasing in popularity, whether you are in a private residence or a commercial building, you are now able to have some form of closed circuit television installed. Basic CCTV offers you a live stream of videoing from a particular area or for the perimeter of your building, internal or external. CCTV ‘s can also record this information so it can be used as evidence if needed to. However, CCTV can be used to greater depth if you have it monitored by a security professional. At PSS, we are able to offer a 24-hour monitoring service that has team members monitoring the cameras live for you so that they can, if needed, direct other law enforcement professionals to scenes of crimes.


CCTV has some main uses and below are a few of them:


  • Supporting security staff and security forces in the hunt for criminals
  • Used for evidence in court
  • Ability to be able to detect a criminal in a reasonable amount of time
  • CCTV can also be used when you have barriers or gates that need to be operated during business hours.



At PSS, we train out staff to follow legislation set by the government.  It is very important that our staff and customers are aware of this legislation so that they can operate within the law.


Contact PSS for more information about what we can do with regards to your CCTV needs and what we can offer you related to 24-hour monitoring of your cameras from one of our control centres.